Whenever you decide to move to a different city or a state then you need to consider shipping your car too. You will need your car always after reaching a new place and hence it will be essential that your car or cars must be readily available to you.

Ship A Car, Inc. is a well-known company that has been offering this service to people in the USA and have got a very wide network of transport throughout the country and also abroad.

However, while shipping your car, one important thing to consider is what will be the cost to transport your car. Let us exclusively discuss this issue in this post.

The following are a few factors that will determine what will cost you to transport your car from one point to the other.

Season of the year when you are shipping your car

There are a few lean and busy seasons for the car shipping business. During the lean season, the cost of transporting will be much lower than during the busy season. Avoid the summer and spring seasons if you want to save some cost.

Weight and size of your car

The carrier that transports the cars can take a certain load and hence heavier and larger the size of your car, it is going to attract a higher price.

Distance to be covered

This is obvious as the more the distance you have to transport your car, the expense for your car shipping service will be more. As the shipping company will use more fuel, tolls, and also labor cost.

Those moving a shorter distance will end up paying much less.

Insurance if you want to add

Even while professional vehicle transport firms are likely to hold insurance, you may wish to get a supplemental policy just to get additional protection in case your automobile is damaged while being transported.

Type of transport for shipping

Do you intend to transport your vehicle in a certain open-air or an enclosed carrier? The sort of shipping service that you select will have a significant impact on the price of your relocation. Open-air carriers are less expensive, whereas enclosed carriers are more expensive.

Model and make of your car

The make and model of your vehicle can increase your cost of shipping service, especially if you are exporting a premium or antique vehicle.

These high-end automobiles frequently necessitate particular attention and also services, which raises the transportation cost.

What level of service required

For door-to-door service, expect to spend extra. While many other auto transport firms require customers to pick up their vehicles at a single location, many also offer different drop-off choices. The company can personally deliver your car to individuals who are willing to pay.


A transport service may take weeks to ship any car across the nation. If you need something done quickly, then rush services are frequently offered at a higher cost.

Keeping all these in mind you must decide to ship the car to get your best price.