With up to 38 million active channels, YouTube has successfully become the second most visited website in the US. From toddlers to senior citizens, it entertains, educates, and influences people in so many ways. Out of 15 million content creators posting videos regularly on YouTube, only 9% of channels comprise small businesses promoting their products and services to reach their target audiences. But when it comes to YouTube engagement, your channel’s popularity plays an important role in increasing your metrics, such as subscriptions, likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. In this article, we will help you figure out ways to gain more likes on your YouTube posts organically.

How to Make Videos on YouTube

Before diving into the steps to get more views on YouTube, you need to learn the right ways to make videos for your YouTube channel:

Plan Everything Beforehand

First, you should start planning the type of content you want to post on YouTube. Build a storyboard containing every little detail you need to include in your videos. Your word of mouth should contain a call to action (CTA) to direct your viewers towards what you wish to achieve through your video. Your CTA can be anything that allows your target audience to take the next step, for example:

  • Buy a Product
  • Subscribe to your YouTube channel
  • Use a promo code
  • Download a file

Edit Your Videos

Once you have recorded a video, it’s time for you to edit it for a professional touch. You can use any video editor to blur your background, trim the total duration, split it into more parts, add text, and even adjust the color balance of the video. If you are a beginner, stick to the built-in editor on YouTube known as YouTube Studio. 

Upload Your Video

Uploading a video on YouTube is a breeze! But you need to ensure that you add final touches to your video while posting it. Change your privacy settings to make it visible to the public, so you reach a wider audience. Make sure you add SEO-friendly keywords and phrases to your video’s title and description to increase its likelihood of showing up in top search results. 

5 Tips to Maximize Your Views on YouTube 

We have shortlisted the most effective ways to gain more views on YouTube without paying a hefty amount on paid promotions:

Create a Nice Thumbnail 

While many content creators prefer turning their thumbnails into clickbait, you can make use of this opportunity to upload a meaningful image without deceiving your audience. This image will appear in suggested videos, search results, and even other social media platforms where your video has been shared. So, be mindful of what you are adding as your thumbnail. 

Your video’s thumbnail should intrigue your audience to click on it. Make sure you put a high-quality image that depicts the topics you have included in your video. If you are adding your photo, choose a facial close-up. Besides, adding fonts to your video’s thumbnail will help you grab your viewers’ attention easily. So, write a compelling phrase to draw your target audience toward your video.

Create Playlists

No matter how many videos you post on your YouTube channel, they may fail to reach your potential subscribers if you leave them unorganized. Therefore, you should consider adding your new and old videos to specific playlists. This will enable them to show up on your viewers’ screens automatically, once they tap or click on any of your videos. Even if they are not intending to watch the next video in the queue, it will start playing as soon as a video ends. This way, you will gain more views and get higher engagement rates without putting in any extra effort.

Embed Your Videos

The term “embedding a video” refers to adding a video to a website in a way that enables viewers to watch your video without tapping or clicking the Play button. You don’t need to pay a price to embed your YouTube videos. All you need to do is visit the link to your video on YouTube and tap or click on Share. A box will appear on your screen with a list of options, you need to select Embed. Next, it will ask you to choose a starting point to play your video by default. Copy the embed code to your clipboard to share it on your website or blog pages. Then, save your changes and post the video on YouTube.

Switch to a Stable Internet Connection

HughesNet Internet offers monthly plans for its users to perform bandwidth-intensive activities, such as uploading videos on YouTube. It delivers high speeds without any hard data limits. In addition, it provides internet connectivity to wireless devices so you could sit anywhere and do your work without plugging in a cable wire.

By signing up for HughesNet, you don’t need to wait for hours to publish your content. Moreover, you will not experience internet slowdowns regardless of the size of your video file. This way, you can work on creating more content to keep your YouTube channel updated with the latest videos for more viewership.

Build a Relationship with Your Subscribers

To boost your audience engagement, you must work on your relationship with current viewers and subscribers. By holding a contest or giveaway, your audience will interact with you and your YouTube channel, which will attract new people to your videos. For example, when you hit 1,000 followers, you can ask your viewers to engage in your posts by tagging three of their friends in your comments section. As a result, you will get organic views on YouTube and instantly gain new followers. 

Wrapping Up

Getting more views on YouTube is an art! Once you learn how to gauge your audience’s attention, your YouTube journey will become much easier. Besides, it will help you earn some extra dollars to buy a new camera for filming YouTube videos. Follow the tips and tricks listed above to make the most out of your presence on YouTube.