If you are looking for information about transferring a car to Canada, you might be interested in reading this blog. It might seem a hell of a task to import a car to Canada but if you will read the instructions carefully and do as said, you will be done with the job before you know it. 

  • Ensure that your vehicle is admissible to Canada

Some guidelines are laid by Canada Border Agency Services Agency and to transport your car you must check whether you meet all the guidelines or not. 

Furthermore, you need to get authorization from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, so you will be facing some costly and disappointing consequences. 

Contact the Registrar of Imported Vehicle Canada to get an idea about how things are done.

  • You must clear the documents mentioned 

Documentation plays a big role. See that you have all the documents that are mentioned by the U.S Customs, Border Protection, and Canada Border Services Agency Guidelines. Bills of purchase, manufacturer’s statement of origin, etc., are the documents that you need to provide.

  • You need to file AES 72 hours before the export notice

A rule that became effective on 2nd October 2014, states that you must give a notice of 72 hours and file all the things that are required. You will also need to submit the Duns, IRS number, and EIN. you can collect these from the sellers of the vehicle. 

  • CBP needs the documents before 72 hours

When you have all the documents in hand, you need to send them to the CBP within 72 hours of sending a vehicle from the U.S to Canada. 

  • Have a meeting with the Canadian food inspection agency

When you are sending a vehicle, ensure that it does not have any debris, plants, soils, dirt, etc., that could have the possibility to bring it back again to Canada. 


Exporting or importing vehicles can get very tricky if you loosely follow the instructions. You need to be very careful with the paperwork and gather all the documents very carefully, missing anyone could cease the process. This blog has outlined the 5 major things that will form the basic idea of importing a car to Canada. Following the above-mentioned ways will help you get your job done without any hassle.