The expense of cancer treatment, both in India and overseas, has been rising exponentially alongside the rising prevalence of the disease. Now more than ever, those in need of financial support should have access to cancer-specific health insurance.

While cancer is included in the list of ailments covered by most modern health insurance plans, most of these policies only cover hospitalisation and only in Indian hospitals. In addition, the typical person does not buy a health policy for more than five million Indian Rupees. Therefore the policy amount could not cover all the costs associated with the treatment. *

Critical illness insurance is an alternative to standard health insurance that can help pay for medical costs that are typically not covered.

Critical Illness Coverage: A Brief Overview

Obtaining CI Insurance Offers Numerous Advantages. A critical illness policy’s primary function is to help with the financial burden of costly medical care, which is often necessary for treating specific conditions. The insurance company will give you a flat amount if you’re diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses. This sum may be used for anything necessary, such as costly medical procedures, expensive aids to recovery, etc. This amount can be tracked on the Bajaj health insurance app. *

It is not required to have medical bills to file a claim. In addition, CI insurance is less expensive than all-encompassing medical insurance policies, even if it provides the option of a more comprehensive cover. *

Critical Insurance Insurance’s Drawbacks

However, determining the value of critical insurance policies to cover cancer treatment, particularly related expenses, is complicated because such plans only cover cancer at an advanced stage. Therefore, the plan would only pay out if a malignant tumour grew uncontrollably and destroyed surrounding tissue. *

Plans for Cancer Treatment

Cancer insurance is a specialised cancer care policy that minimises some gaps left by critical illness policies.

Cancer insurance is classified as a subset of critical illness protection. In most cases, a cancer-specific insurance policy fully covers the expenditures connected with a cancer diagnosis and treatment (such as hospitalisation, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.).


Most forms of cancer, from their earliest stages to their latter stages of progression, are covered by comprehensive cancer insurance policies. These insurance policies typically cover the most common types of cancer, which include:

  • The disease of the lungs
  • Gastric cancer
  • Cancer of the ovary
  • Bowel cancer
  • carcinoma of the hypopharynx
  • Tumours of the prostate

These policies provide financial assistance for cancer-related expenses, from the initial diagnosis to continuous treatment to post-operative care. Track all of these inclusions on a health insurance app.


In most cases, cancer of the skin is not a concern. When cancer is caused or exacerbated by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), or AIDS, claims are not paid. Preexisting conditions, congenital anomalies, and biological, nuclear, or chemical pollution also do not qualify for compensation in the event of cancer.

Experts in the insurance business believe that those at a high risk of developing cancer because of their genetics, their surroundings, their lifestyle (smoking/tobacco use), or any other factors would benefit the most from a cancer-specific insurance policy. Such a scenario makes it imperative to acquire a cancer-specific insurance plan.

But in everyday life, it’s important to remember that cancer isn’t the only serious and potentially fatal illness. In addition to being life-threatening, conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, and diseases of the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys deserve to be considered critical. 

Therefore, getting a critical illness plan makes sense if an individual is not in the high-risk ‘cancer only’ category, as it provides coverage against a broader range of critical conditions and at comparable pricing. Get both of them on caringly yours, Bajaj Allianz policy; download the app today!

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