Customer service is considered one of the most important departments in any company that deals directly with consumers. And for order fulfillment providers, this division becomes even more pivotal for long-term survival.

A disfunctional customer service department will result in a loss of customers and almost certain closure. But a top-shelf department that is there to make sure customers needs are addressed can count on repeat business.

Spitako goes Hollywood when it comes to customer services. The company pulls out all the stops “giving every customer the red carpet treatment” according to its website at

“Regardless of the amount of business a customer does with us, we treat all of our customers like royalty. Every business transaction is important to us, and our customer service representatives are very responsive and attentive.”

Dedicates to business clients

But not all companies are alike in providing customer service.

Simpl Fulfillment says when it comes to customer service it works with business clients to resolve issues. And it provides each client a dedicated account manager who will serve as the guide. Clients can also seek support from the company’s website and get answers from its frequently asked questions page.

Business clients at Deliverr get help from the company’s merchant support team online and from virtual assistants. Articles online also offer information to clients about its order fulfillment processes.

At eFulfillment Service, business clients call or submit a ticket to the company’s client services team when they need help. And they can access the online FAQ pages to get answers to routine fulfillment questions.

Shiphero’s business customers can get online to access information. Various articles online provide answers to questions a business client might have. Information range from specific information about fulfillment and software processes and applications online.

Royal Service begins day one

At Spitako, business clients can count on getting world-class customer service immediately. Each client is assigned a personal manager whose major responsibility is to assist with navigating the order fulffillment services available and use them effectively.

The personal manager, which is assigned at no additional cost, is also available to resolve issues and to offer insights that will help clients make informed decisions about their operations.

In addition, clients get help from the company’s online site. They can access a comprehensive FAQ page for quick references. And they can contact staff through the regular channels that include making a call, emailing, or using Spitako’s ticketing system.

The company views each business client as a partnership and the success of both companies are linked to each other.

“Your personal manager is a key component to this relationship, and it is their job to ensure you are satisfied and you are getting everything you need from the services you are receiving from us,” the company says on its website at

A business philosophy

The company lives by a code of conduct from which it does not stray. Its philosophy is founded on the desire to help other businesses succeed.

“We aim to exceed customer expectations,” the company website states, and commits to working on improving services.