The success of many various industries, including the oil and gas sector, the building sector, the utility sector, and the demolition sector, depends on crane companies. Because to the significant costs involved in purchasing equipment, maintaining that equipment, and training staff to operate it, renting cranes from a company. Here are some questions to ask and things to think about before hiring a crane service.

We were wondering how knowledgeable they were

While looking for a crane service, don’t overlook the importance of the company’s experience. An organisation would be good to use a crane service that has worked with several different types of businesses. Since its founding in 1938, H. Brown has provided service to the Gulf South.

Have they amassed all they need to finish the job?

Several types of cranes are needed for this task. Because of our large fleet of mobile cranes (with capacities ranging from 10 to 450 tonnes), we are able to handle jobs of all sizes and complexities.

May I inquire as to whether or not the insurance premium is included in that price?

We will fulfil all your needs in regards to insurance policies. It would be your duty to ensure the operation of any apparatus you rented. It is our duty to guarantee that all insurance needs are met, since we are providing a service and not renting out physical goods. Choosing the crane service omaha ne is a very important part here.

Is there much I should know before getting in touch with a crane service?

We need the weight and dimensions of the item being hoisted in order to give you an accurate quote and ensure that the proper equipment is employed. We can now more accurately predict the rigging needs and maximum crane weight.

Obstacles that need to be climbed or otherwise manoeuvred around, such as trees, buildings, and electricity wires.

Distance between the crane to the item being moved or lifted.

Modify and improve elevations. Ascertaining the height at which the item will be lifted and the nature of the surface it will land on is essential. Anything may be moved from the back of an 18-wheeler to the roof of a four-story skyscraper, or vice versa.

There is a limit on how many you can buy. If the lift site is located in a construction zone, for instance, we need to know whether matting will be laid to allow our rigs access to the lift site or if it will be put for the crane to sit on.

Find the area where you’ll be working Obtaining the proper permits depends on how far we have to go, so pinpointing exactly where the project is is essential.

The value is loaded. Our insurance plans give more than adequate protection for the majority of projects, but there are exceptions where the value of the assets much surpasses what is covered. So, we need to be price-conscious if we are to put in place adequate safeguards.


Your experience with a crane service will be more positive if you are well-prepared for your lift before you call them in then find the best one. You may always send us a message via our website if it is more convenient for you.