Notary publics act as legal witnesses who verify and attest to the authenticity of documents. Notarized legal documents include contracts, mortgage documents and wills. Here are some tips and considerations if you’re thinking about providing this service.

What is a Notary Business?

Notary businesses provide notarial services to their customers, such as jurats and acknowledgments. These services can be offered as an addition to an existing business, such as a mailbox or bank. They can also be the only form of business provided by mobile notaries and loan signing agents. Notaries are limited in their fees by the state.

State Notary Public License

State-by-state, the requirements for becoming a notary vary. Notary businesses need an active state license as a notary public and, depending on state, either general liability insurance or a surety. If an applicant meets the state’s requirements, they will be issued a commission.

It takes more than a simple state registration to start a successful business as a notary. It is important to consider the costs of supplies and other recurring or fixed business expenses. Notary supplies and expenses can be both professional and affordable.

How much money do notaries make?

Your state’s laws and the business arrangements you have with your client will determine how much it costs to provide notary public service.

Most states have laws that limit the fees charged for notarization, but they allow notaries to charge extra for services like travel, copying and printing documents or similar services.

Some notaries start their mobile notary business and offer signing services at their locations. Notary publics can add loan signings as part of their signing services, and become notary loan signing agents.

Notaries public can also notarize documents as part of their existing jobs, such as as a banker or employee at a mail center or copy center. Notarizing documents for these notaries public is part of their normal job and they are not paid extra. Real estate notaries who work for mortgage companies, and notarize real-estate transactions, are also included in this category.

Notaries’ salaries can be affected by the type of work they do and how often. However, you can earn more money if you run your own mobile business or become a signing agent.

What is the best way to start a business as a notary in Utah?

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Do you want to work for another person? What are the businesses that need notaries to operate?

Any firm that needs to execute legal documents can benefit from having a notary public as part of their staff. If you do not want to run your own business, but you want to be a notary to get a job, you may have an advantage if you become a public notary.

Banks and other financial institution – Most banks offer free notarization to their customers, as well as to attract new customers.

Notaries are usually on hand at mailbox stores and copy centers to notarize documents.

Paralegals and legal secretaries are employed by law offices.

Insurance Companies – Insurance companies (especially local ones) often use a notary public in-house to acknowledge insurance documents.

Mortgage companies – Loan officers usually require that a notary notarize the loan documents.

Title companies – Titles companies oversee the transfer of property titles from buyers to sellers. They rely on public notaries to acknowledge documents.

Title companies work closely with real estate agents who often use a notary for closings.

Escrow firms – Escrow officers tend to be notaries public.

Notary publics are often required to sign contracts for new or pre-owned cars, as well as vehicle titles transfers.

Many large companies have their own in-house notary that they use on a regular basis.

Construction contractors – Larger construction companies often employ a notary.

Notaries public are often used in schools, whether they be public or private.

A notary public should be hired by any company who needs to notarize documents regularly.

Some government agencies also employ internal notaries, in addition to the companies who hire notaries public.

It is the idea that government agencies will offer services to the public, and they’ll use their own internal notaries to do so. This way the members of public won’t have to go to a different notary.

What does being a notary say about your resume?

Definitely! This is a resource that employers value, especially if they are looking for candidates in the industries mentioned above.

Start your own notary service? Start small, grow big

Immediately after receiving their commission, some new notaries publics start their own business and offer different types of notary service. They want to start with loan signings instead of the standard notary act.

Stick to one or two services and become familiar with them before you move on. You won’t be unsure of how to perform a notary’s service when you are running a mobile business at the client’s site.

Add new services as you gain more experience to expand your notary business. You will gradually become an expert in each service, rather than having to struggle with them all simultaneously. Signings will also make you look more professional.

You’re still human. So, you will make mistakes and need to consult the notary laws to determine what you should do.

How you respond to mistakes can have a significant impact on your career. It’s best to begin with basic notarizations before moving on to more complex notary services.

Notary standard acts

Notarizing documents that are not real estate related is a common part of routine notary service. Real property signings, such as real estate loan closures, are considered a more sophisticated type of notarization.

You can also work in a place where customers come to you, such as at a bank or an escrow service.

It is the easiest way to begin a business as a notary. You will need your notarial license and any other state-mandated requirements.

It is important to gain experience in the notary business before you decide to become a loan signing agent.