If you are not confident of how to do self-filing and follow customs compliance, finding a customs broking firm can help you. Licensed broking firms are the best to approach as they are well-versed of the customs process. All you need to do is understand a few basics of how to hire them. Thus, this guide to USA importing will help you find someone able and reliable.

Our article is dedicated to all those companies looking to start with a good customs broking firm. We have some questions that most importers ask their customs broker while working with them.

 Questions asked to a customs broking firm before beginning:

  1. What are the documents required in customs clearance?

The first thing to ask a broker agent is to confirm the list of documents you need to prepare for the customs formalities. A good customs broker will provide you a list of documents required for the same beforehand.

  1. How long does it take for clearing the customs process?

A customs process may sometimes take less or long time depending on the goods or services that require clearance at the dock. Your nature of business may also depend on the customs clearance timeline.

  1. Is customs clearance essential for both importers and exporters?

Regardless of the nature of your business whether it is an import or export, customs is mandatory for all types of international transactions. It is to ensure that you follow proper compliance of the overseas market and meet their standards.

  1. Is there different process for import and export?

Generally, the customs process involves assessment of goods before shipment. Although the basic steps may be the same, the taxes, duties, freight charges, and other expenses may differ.

  1. How can the shipment be tracked?

Usually, the customs broker keeps a track of the shipment clearance and updates the company from time to time. The benefit of hiring them is they also communicate with the various departments of customs office to find reasons for the delay or holdups. In case of any essential information, they immediately inform the company. Companies can also do the same online with support of the tracking number of the shipment.

Fix an appointment with your nearest customs broking firm and clarify all the doubts you have related to customs clearance. All the above answers will help you mentally be prepared of hiring a customs broker.